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    • What prizes can my team win?
      • 1st Place Finishing Team   – $2,500 Cash
      • 2nd Place Finishing Team – $1,000 Cash
      • 3rd Place Finishing Team  – $700 Cash
      • 4th Place Finishing Team  – $500
      • 5th Place Finishing Team   –  $250
Top Fundraiser Awards:
Prize packages with values ranging from several hundred to over $1,500 will be provided for our top five fundraising teams, with the 1st place fundraiser receiving their first choice of the packages available, 2nd place gets 2nd choice, etc. These packages will include such things as spa certificates, weekend stays at luxury hotels, sporting event tickets, cultural event tickets, retail and restaurant gift certificates, etc.
Each team raising $1,000 and over will be rewarded with 10% of the amount raised as a credit towards next year’s event. i.e. – Raise $2,700 and your team will have a credit of $270 to start next year, which automatically qualifies you. Team name must remain the same, but one member can be substituted in 2015.
Each team raising $1,000 or more will also be invited guests of The Salvation Army to our Annual Doing The Most Good Dinner in December. This is one of the premier events in the Pittsburgh area, featuring a prominent keynote speaker and recognizing outstanding members of the Pittsburgh community.
See below for race advantages for Top Fundraisers.
    • How do I register for the race?
      You can click on any of the registration buttons, which will lead you to an online registration process. An e-mail confirmation of your registration will be sent to you as well as to The Salvation Army. From there, you will receive any important information and updates regarding the race by e-mail.
    • What is the entry fee for the race?
      Your team must commit at least $250 in funds in order to participate. You do not need to pay a “registration fee” for the race, but many people upon registration choose to make a donation to their team in order to get the fundraising started.
    • How does the fundraising process work?
      Once you complete the registration process, you will see prompts to create an individual and/or team page. You can upload photos and edit text to personalize your page(s). Then you can send e-mail to your friends, family and coworkers directing them to your personal page and asking them for donations.
    • Will my donors receive a tax-deducible receipt for their donation?
      Yes. Any donation made online to The Salvation Army will receive an electronic tax receipt directly in their e-mail. This is immediate. All check and cash donations will also receive a tax receipt within a few days of receipt at our Divisional Headquarters office in Carnegie, PA.
    • What benefits are there for fundraising raising more money than the minimum?
      Aside from the goodwill and impact your added donations will have to support The Salvation Army, your team will receive several advantages within the race, such as:

      • Eligibility for GREAT prizes and awards to the top 10 fundraising teams (see Prize information above)
      • Teams will be lined up according to their fundraising level at the beginning of the race.
      • The top 10 fundraising teams will receive a “head start” at the beginning of the race.
      • The top fundraising teams will receive a “Fast Forward” that will enable them to skip one challenge during the race
    • How many teams will be accepted for the race?
      We can accept only the top 50 fundraising teams as determined by the total amount of money raised by the fundraising deadline (to be announced).
    • How many challenges will be a part of the race?
      We estimate about 12 – 15 challenges.
    • How much time will it take to complete this year’s race?
      That depends on your team’s ability to successfully complete challenges! Typically, we estimate 5 – 6 hours including a concluding ceremony and party.
    • Will there be any team eliminations as in the TV show?
      Yes. There may be timed eliminations throughout the race, which means if your team has not reached a certain challenge location or completed a certain task by the time indicated on your clue, your team will be eliminated. This is due to certain constraints we may have while using public or private space (i.e., restaurants, retail locations).
    • Is this race a physical or mental test of ability?
      Both! This event incorporates physical skill elements, such as running, kayaking, rock climbing, combined with creative and/or mental skills, such as singing, dancing, puzzle solving, fact finding or eating strange foods. In addition, we will incorporate features of The Salvation Army, which will educate you on what we do in the community.
    • What kind of training would you suggest to increase my team’s chances?
      Due to the “mystery” of the race challenges, training for this race is unlike any other. But since this race focuses on fun, so should your training. Here are some tips:

      • Since this race is completed in teams of two, you should consider training with your partner.
      • Take long walks or runs with your teammate to build up your physical condition. If you have ever completed a 5K competition, this is a good marker of your stamina.
      • Much of this race is also completed on mass transit (Port Authority of Allegheny County), so familiarizing yourself with bus schedules and how the system works is wise.
      • This race requires teams to work together to problem solve, so work together on all types of puzzles—but be sure to raise the pressure level by using a clock and establishing time limits since this is what will happen in the race.
    • What type of clothing would you suggest for race day?
      Check the weather first so you can adjust to what would be appropriate and comfortable for race day. A definite must is comfortable running shoes and workout apparel (shorts, sports tops, possibly a light jacket).
    • I’ve heard a lot of talk about this race being fun. How can a race be “fun”?
      This race is unique. It’s not a marathon, relay match, or just your average scavenger hunt. As much as possible, we try to format the race to the TV show “The Amazing Race” where challenges are varied and teamwork is essential to be successful. We aim to incorporate elements of our beautiful city (Pittsburgh) and The Salvation Army for a fun and unique experience—while raising much-needed funds for children and youth.
    • How difficult is this race to complete?
      Some challenges for some teams are a breeze to complete; but others are far more challenging. That’s why it takes teamwork to be successful. It requires physical and mental skill.
    • How Do People Donate to Me or My Team? 

      Online Gifts-      They can donate online either by a link you provide to them or by searching for your team name or your name. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

      Offline Gifts –Race Pledge Form Racers may also fundraise offline (cash or check only) and mail or drop off the money at The Salvation Army by Noon, Tuesday, August 23. Offline gifts should be tracked using the offline gift fundraising form (Need to get link to the form). Please include the filled-out fundraising form with your cash/check donations. All offline gifts should also be entered into the online fundraising system before mailing them in to us. Log into your site, go to “My Page”and selecting “Enter Gifts”under “Account”. Gifts entered will not count toward your fundraising goal until the cash or check and pledge form have been received and verified at The Salvation Army. Please allow at least one week after the gifts are dropped off for them to show up toward your goal.

      *Only gifts processed prior to midnight will count toward a team’s fundraising total, no exceptions. The Salvation Army is not responsible for site errors or any other issue that keeps a gift from processing prior to the deadline.

      **The Salvation Army Western Pennsylvania  address is 700 North Bell Avenue, Carnegie, PA 15106 Attn: Lauren Brant. All offline donations must be received by Noon, Tuesday, August 23, and online funds must be received by 11:59 p.m. the Wednesday prior to the event. Online donations are time-stamped, so any dollars submitted after the 11:59 p.m. deadline will not affect a team’s overall fundraising total.


  • A minimum of $250 per team is required to qualify for the race. The top 50 fundraising teams will gain entry to the race. The more money raised for The Salvation Army, the better the starting position your team will have at the starting line.
  • Only teams of 2 can participate in the race.
  • Your team must register on this site and commit the funds by the deadline. Funds can be contributed online, by check or as cash.
  • Your team must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the race.
  • Your team must be in good physical health to participate in the race.

Race Challenges

Race challenges tests your physical and mental capability during a variety of tasks. Running and walking will be required at times to get to different locations, if transportation is not completely available by the Port Authority of Allegheny County. Kayaking, rock climbing, swimming and food eating challenges have all been included in previous events.

Length of Course

The length of the course varies from year to year and averages around 15 miles, a lot of which has been covered with public transportation. We will announce this information for this year’s event as it gets closer to the actual event. This represents the total amount distance the race covers, which can be completed by using various approved transportation modes as well as running and walking.

DISCLAIMER: No participant can win the grand prize in The Most Amazing Race race in more than 3 consecutive events. Prize winners are responsible for any taxes associated with prizes won in The Most Amazing Race. Event organizers reserve the right to change deadlines. Prizes subject to change.